39 Years of Electronic Music

The Pessimist (2018)
Second in the trilogy, this is classic DBA, with old-school analog, dark wave, electro. Bringing together new and classic sounds into danceable explorations of sound and fury. Has a timely speech by Mario Cuomo that addresses today's situation... The same troubles plague us. We're all going down!
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The Optimist (2018)
This album opens the Human Condition Trilogy of old-school analog, dark wave, electro. It brings together new and classic sounds into danceable explorations of sound and fury. Also has a very timely speech by Jesse Jackson that addresses today's situation... We've always had the same troubles, and always will!
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Words Don't Work (2018)
A book of the Complete Lyrics of Data-Bank-A: also includes lyrics for the bands:
Dominion, Fossil Man and Fuel Rod. From 1983 to 2018, these are the words that portray the world as Andrew Szava-Kovats sees it. Dark, Scary, Scared, Love-Lorn, Angry...
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"Lost in Time" Trilogy

Age of Ages (2017)
This album completes the Lost in Time Trilogy of old-school analog, dark wave classic electro. Bringing together new and classic sounds into danceable explorations of pure sound and fury. Also has a very timely speech by Dwight Eisenhower that addresses today's need for peace... We all have the same troubles. So let's commiserate as we go to our doom!
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Walk of Shame (2016)
Mysterious, timeless collection of old-school analog and digital beats, with dark wave vocals. Brings together new and classic sounds into danceable electro and explorations of pure sound. Also has a very timely speech by Charles Lindbergh that addresses today's militaristic environment... One foot in the dance club, and one in the grave...
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Broken Body, Broken Mind (2015)
Exquisite collision of analog synthesizers with digital beats and dark wave vocals. Brings together classic sounds into danceable electro and mind-bending instrumental explorations of pure sound. Sometimes catchy, sometimes noisy, but always memorable and listenable. One foot in the 1970s, one in the 1990s, and one that's lost in time...
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"Time Stops For No Man" Trilogy:

Don't Look Ahead (2014)
With speeches from Malcom X to Dwight D. Eisenhower to Spiro Agnew, mixed with brooding electronics, you'll get the message! Danceable vintage synthesizer sounds and rhythms layered with classic dark-wave vocals, as well as more casual instrumental pieces that transport the listener to other times...

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dba-bipolar Boiling in Oil (2013)
Destined to be a classic, this collection includes a new sound pallette and textures of Cold Wave songs at once danceble and yet ripping with jagged edges. Vintage synthesizer sounds layered with more casual, sometimes moody pieces that launch the listener into a hellscape...
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Listen to samples.

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dba-bipolar If Memory Serves (2012)
Expansive collection of 15 new songs ranging from cool, calm electronic soundscapes to noizy experiments to disco-influenced Electro-Pop. Vintage synthesizer sounds layered with Dark Wave guitars and electronic drums that throb with the pulse of despair... This brings together all the styles that DBA is famous for.
CDr $ 12.99 (Catalog # TAR069), Download Album $ 8.99
Check out a music video from the album, at YouTube:

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24-7-365 (2010)

The first collection of new material by Data-Bank-A in 8 years.

"After 30 years of recording and more than 50 years of living, Time has begun to preoccupy me quite a lot lately: its passing, its affects, how it seems to keep coming back, going in circles. So for this collection I built the songs around Time as a lyrical theme, using song structures from my early work and pulling out old equipment from the early 1980s to create a retro-intro-spective feeling. You'll hear lots of my old gear - like my beloved Juno 60, Roland 707 and 909 drum machines, and even a classic 1970s beat box."

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Special Edition:                                                                                        

2-Disc set includes CD + DVD with music videos (some songs not on CD).

$ 20 

"K.O. City Studio Recordings 1981-85"

We are proud to present this Box Set from Vinyl-on-Demand, Germany

It includes 3 12" vinyl LPs + 7" vinyl EP

Disc 1: Reissue of "The Citadel" with Bonus Tracks.

Disc 2: Reissue of "Language Barrier" with Bonus Tracks.

Disc 3: Reissue of "Access Denied" with Bonus Tracks.

Disc 4: Reissue of selections from "Spiritus Sanctus" on 7" vinyl.

All the recordings were Re-Mastered by Vinyl-on-Demand to assure the best sound for vinyl playback.

Each box comes with Numbered, Signed Certificate of Authenticity.

This is a Limited Edition of only 500 copies.

Andrew Szava-Kovats will personalize and autograph back of box to request.

We have 2 versions of the package:

Version 1:

Set of 4 records in Box + 3 Postcards + Refridgerator magnet: $ 80 (includes Free Shipping in USA)

Sold Out!

(You can try VOD website)

Version 2:

Set of 4 records in Box + 3 Postcards + Refridgerator magnet + T-Shirt: $ 100 (includes Free Shipping in USA)

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T-Shirt: $ 25 ( Available in S, M, L, XL - includes Free Shipping in USA)

Please Note: Shipping Rates to overseas locations have been dramatically increased by the USPS, so please contact us for price to your location.

If you are outside USA, please check with Vinyl-on-Demand for possibly lower shipping cost.

We have Very Few copies of this available for sale; so Order Soon!

"Data-Mining" - the Lost Recordings of Data-Bank-A:

An interesting New-Old release: 2 Albums of DBA material from 1980-1990 that has been lost in the vaults for more than 20 years! Available individually or as a 2-Album Set.

Disc A: "Data-Mining" - collection of unreleased tracks from 1983-1990. Includes some of Andy's favorites songs.

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Disc B: "Proto-Data" - collection of unreleased tracks produced before any of the "official" releases, recorded between 1980-1983. Begins with pure noize, ends with Electro-Pop.

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Special: Both albums together:

Buy Download Now: $ 15  

Both collections include a variety of instrumental, experimental, pre-PoP, New Wave, EBM... all sorts of noizy textures, as well as fully developed songs. A unique look at the development of Data-Bank-A from its "Proto" beginings to the mature sound of the 1990s. You'll be as surprised as we were at the vast amount of Data in the vaults...

Some of this material was found only on cassette tapes that were abandoned for 20 years or more!


Reissue of the classic 1992 German release "Empty" - perhaps the darkest release by D-B-A. Remastered (without the cover songs on the German release - because of Legal issues). Pulsing electro-beat songs of despair and death. Tribal, gothic, melodic, rhythmic... Believe it!

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best of dba The Best of Data-Bank-A:
People have been asking for this for years... So here it is: 17 songs that defined the sound and character of DBA. It's the perfect gift, or a good way to introduce someone you know to DBA. The song selections were made by the band, based on feedback from fans and radio stations. See the song list here.
CD $ 12.99 (Catalog # TAR057), Download Album $ 9.99
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dba-book-cover Book A The first book about DBA. Written by Andrew Szava-Kovats, includes all the lyrics to all the songs ever released by DBA. Includes Full Color reproductions of all the album and cassette covers, stories of the long and twisted road that DBA has traveled, how it got started, the members, photos from live shows, tour photos from Germany, and more... All the Data you need about DBA (132 pages).
Note: Shipping to EU is $ 25. Shipping in USA is Free.
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dba-vintage Vintage Videos: 1985/1993

This is the second collection of Data-Bank-A videos: Includes 14 live performances from 1985 & 1993. 7 performances are live in-studio performance at Lowell, MA, Cable TV studio, 2 performances at Edible Rex Club, Billerica, MA, 2 performances at kassablanca club, Jena, Germany, and 3 performances at Club Kaue, Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

DVD-r: $ 12.99 (Catalog # TAM005)
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20th anniversary 20th Anniversary Video Collection
A collection of studio and live videos from 20 years: includes studio videos produced for "Intervention" ep, "Empty," "Bipolar," and "Brotherly Love" cds, as well as live videos of performances in Germany and USA, a video interview, and tour photo slide show. Package includes Biography/Discography on bi-fold card. Check out sample clips at
DVD-r: $ 12.99 (Catalog # TAM004)
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back-up Back-Up
This is The Definitive collection of Data-Bank-A (1980-2010): Includes more than 150 songs, in high quality (256 kbps) MP3 format. all 13 albums and 3 EPs (Does not include exclusive compilation songs and some cover songs) ready for download into your device. Never search for that missing Data-Bank-A disc again! Packaged in special DVD case with Discography/Biography on bi-fold card, photos and cool refrigerator magnet.
Each copy is signed by founder - Andrew Szava-Kovats.
Playable on CD players that support MP3 playback.
CDr (MP3 audio disc): $ 75 (that's less than 50 cents per song!) Catalog # TAR044

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dba-bipolar Bipolar
Back and forth between harsh and soothing, rhythmic and ambient, digital and analog electronics, revulsion and attraction... This collection embraces the dicotomies of existence and music with a tekno-gothic sound and mindset. It sounds old and new at the same time. Sweet, sour, delicious!
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dba-decon Decompilation
Relive the history of D-B-A through a collection of songs that appeared on compilations around the world. Many of these songs never appeared on any D-B-A releases, and have been out of print for years. Fans can finally get those rare recordings. A great introduction to the D-B-A sound... 
 (Catalog # TAR027), Download Album $ 8.99

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dba-decomp The Deconstruction

A Tekno-Gothic Battle with God! From danceable tekno to dark-wave instrumentals, analog synths and digital samples layered together into melodic, moody, textural pieces with lyrics that challenge our notions of god & evil. It'll cut you, it'll paste you!

CD $ 12.99 (Catalog # TAR020), Download Album $ 8.99

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dba-death The Death Burlesque

Available only through this catalog. Strong, moody, gothic electro dark-wave synth-pop from the ocean of despair. Both lyrically and musically accessible, yet challenging.

(Catalog # TAR004), Download Album $ 8.99

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dba-nuclear Nuclear Winter

At long last, this hard-to-find 1996 German release is reissued in the USA. Called by some the best D-B-A release ever! From slow, ethereal melodica to fast rhythmic danceable chants...

(Catalog # TAR005), Download Album $ 8.99

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dba-empty Empty

Perhaps the darkest release by D-B-A. 13 pulsing electro-beat songs of despair and death, includes covers of Peter Gabriel and Psy Furs! Tribal, gothic, melodic, rhythmic... Believe it! 1993 Import from Germany's Subtronic label

(SUB 08) CD $ 12.99, Download Album $ 8.99

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dba-salad Salad Days

D-B-A's best selling record, ever! Originally released by French Lively Art label (1990). Out of print for more than 7 years; available now exclusively through this catalog. More melodic than "Empty," it balances all the typical D-B-A elements: melodic, gothic, rhythmic, danceable.... Inlcudes cover of "Jump into the Fire" by Nilsson!

Catalog # TAR010), Download Album $ 8.99

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oneway One Way

Rare French CD-EP, Originally released by Lively Art label (1989). Out of print since 1992. We have original, shrink-wrapped copies! Contains 4 songs: remixed version of "Crack-Dream-Over-Again", "Severed from the Song", "One Way" and "Final Glory"

$ 50 for French Import CD. (Only 1 copy left! Catalog # ARTY7), Download EP for only $ 5.99

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continent Continental Drift + The Birth of Tragedy

Reissue of two classic albums, back in a special double-length release. One of the most melodic releases by D-B-A: Includes three unreleased tracks!

Available in 2 versions: the Very Rare original CD from France's New Rose/Live Art Label ($ 50) or Download Album ($ 8.99)

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access denied  Access Denied + Isolation 

A reissue of 2 early releases (1985-1986). Originally released in USA by K.O. City Studio (1985/86). Remixed and remastered for reissue by Subtronic in Germany (1994).. Stark, synthetic death-pop. Includes covers of Joy Division (Isolation) and Roxy Music (In Every Dreamhome a Heartache), plus unreleased tracks!

Download Album $ 8.99

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citadel  The Citadel + Intervention  

Remixed & remastered from original tapes (1983-1984) by the artist. these two records were the first D-B-A vinyl releases on K.O. City Studio (1983). They have all the primitive, raw electronics you love: pulsing, funky, sexy sounds from wild analog ocilators. Includes another Unreleased Track.

Download Album $ 8.99

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language Language Barrier

The second release by D-B-A. 12 pieces of experimental, gothic, noise, media cut-ups... stronger rhythms than "Spiritus Sanctus" but still oriented toward melodic movement. Originally released on cassette in 1984, out of print since 1990, this was transcribed from a cassette .

(TAR031), Download Album $ 8.99

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spiritus sanctus Spiritus Sanctus

The first release ever by D-B-A. 9 ocilating songs of experimental/goth/noise/media cut-ups. Originally released on cassette in 1983, out of print since 1990, this was transcribed from original cassette issue.

Download Album $ 8.99

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The newest Official Data-Bank-A T-Shirt

Collectible, limited edition. Image is from "The Best of Data-Bank-A:" cover, on chic black.
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Commemorating 20 years of Data-Bank-A:

The first Official Data-Bank-A T-Shirt in more than 14 years!

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Collectible, limited edition. Image is from "nothing" video, on chic black.


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